Have you ever tried to express how you felt about something and found yourself struggling for the right words? I absolutely love meat loaf. And I absolutely love my wife, Tracey. But the two are hardly equal. I would never tell Tracey I love her as much as I love meatloaf, unless I had a strong desire to sleep out on the damp grass for a few days.

Language has its limits. There are times when words, even those of profound beauty and sincerity, fail us. Looking down upon a new-born child for the first time, there are no words to express how precious the moment is, try though we may. Maybe it’s because the sincerity of the heart eclipses the language we struggle with. Maybe that’s the way it should be, though. We need to face the limitations of how we express our love so that we can more fully understand the unspoken love of God. A love that is felt more deeply than it can ever be heard. A love of mystery and grace. A love of presence. A love that . . . well, words simply fail me now.

Where words end, God’s love begins.