Every Sunday during worship, we collectively recite the Lord’s Prayer. I wonder if we take the time to really struggle with that prayer, with what we are saying, and with what we are asking. Each clause within that prayer is beautiful to the ears, but self condemning if we only give it lip service. For instance, when we say, “thy Kingdom come”, do we really understand what we’re uttering?

Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is not simply a place we long to go upon our death, but that the kingdom of God is also within us. His words then call us to bring the kingdom of God to life on this earth. The kingdom of God is made known by us when we live in the world the way God intended us to live in it. We are to feed the hungry, work hard to eliminate poverty, be vocal about justice and righteousness for the oppressed, and heal the sick by ensuring they receive the care they need.

There is no eternal life for those who preserve a society where the poor are starved, the homeless are abandoned and justice is sold to the highest bidder. If all we do is utter the Lord’s prayer and then ignore what we’ve said, we condemn ourselves because we are condemning others.

This Christianity stuff isn’t a piece of cake, it’s bread to the hungry.