“Truth is above harmony. Those who fear disorder more than injustice invariably produce more of both.” — William Sloane Coffin

There are many in our society who believe order is of supreme importance. To them, maintaining order keeps our country running smoothly, with no bumps in the road. The problem with this sort of thinking is that order becomes more important than justice.

I recently spend several days in San Francisco. It’s a place where the average income is well above that of the rest of America. It’s also a place where the poor sleep on the sidewalks while business people stride past them in designer suits and dine on $100 lunches. It’s a place where 15 million dollar homes exist just blocks away from squalor. People beg for money on the street corners, while visitors are told not to give them anything because they’re nothing but winos and crazies.

Christ came to bring justice and mercy to the least of those amongst us. The least of those. And he let us know there is a special place in hell for those who have more than they need and give only token gestures to those trapped in poverty and homelessness and addiction and hunger.

Truth is above harmony, says Coffin. But truth is something most of us don’t want to hear. After all, Christ spoke the truth, and it got him killed.