Think for a moment what many people today want in a Hollywood movie — violence, adultery, incest, rape, murder, broken relationships, prostitution, theft, human trafficing and just about any other form of brokenness you can imagine. Well, there’s a pretty readable book that has it all, and would make one doggone good epic film. It’s only 50 chapters long and follows a family saga that makes the Kardashians look like the Cleaver family in “Leave it to Beaver”. It’s the book of Genesis, which is a grand kick-off to the rest of the tome we lovingly refer to as the Bible. Virtually every dysfunction you can think of is laid right in front of your eyes, but with a twist — it’s all held together by the underlying theme of what it means to be in relationship with God when you’re truly fully human.

Take a look at it some time. It’s pretty good stuff.