The disaster in Nepal, which has already taken 3,000 lives and the death toll is still rising, is a reminder that there are no guarantees in life. When we see such a disaster, we feel helpless to a greater or lesser degree, and wish there could be a way in which we could make a difference to those who are suffering on the other side of the world. Well, we can.

UMCOR, the United Methodist Commission On Relief, will respond with needed supplies, medical help, food and shelter. UMCOR is the organization within our denomination prepared to respond immediately through YOUR gifts.

In the very near future, you will be given direction concerning how to give to UMCOR. REMEMBER THIS: EVERY DOLLAR YOU GIVE GOES DIRECTLY TO AID THOSE IN NEED. NOT ONE CENT IS SPENT ON ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS.

How is this possible? Every United Methodist Church gives a portion of their offerings to UMCOR to cover administrative costs. This frees up special offerings so that every penny given goes directly to the aid needed, to help people put their lives back together.

When the special offering is announced, please give generously.