I remember when, as a child, I would go to church services with my family where the minister always preached that we should be more like Jesus. I would listen and wish I could be more like Jesus, but, doggone it, I knew I’d never be able to walk on water unless it was frozen, raise someone from the dead unless they were “playing possum”, or calm the raging waters unless I drained the bathtub. I’d leave the services thinking, “I can’t be like Jesus, he’s got something going for him I’ll never have — he’s the Son of God, and I’m just the son of Doug and Norma”.

Then I grew up. As an adult I know I still can’t do those miraculous things Jesus did, they’re just simply out of my reach. But I’ve learned that being like Jesus isn’t going around trying to perform the huge miracles he pulled off, it means working to pull off the small miracles we human beings all need to work on in our lives. Like forgiveness when someone slights us; patience when someone cuts us off on the road; compassion for those whose choices in life lead them toward destruction; and simply telling my story of faith to those who have no story to tell.

All those things can be miracles to someone. I guess we can be like Jesus after all.