A young man working for a Midland, Michigan area newspaper as a reporter, was promoted to the position of news editor a couple of days ago. This prompted one of our state legislators, Representative Gary Glenn, to issue what he calls an “agenda alert” to his constituents. Did he do so because of the young man’s politics? No. Was it because the young man wasn’t qualified for the position? No. He issued the alert because the young man is gay.

Rep. Glenn wants his followers to watch out for “the homosexual agenda” that may creep into the newspaper and defile the community. In other words, all gays have an agenda, and that agenda is . . . well, I guess you need to use your imagination, because he never explains to us just what that agenda is.

It’s not really hard to understand where Rep. Glenn is coming from when you consider he serves as the state president for the American Family Association, and ultra-conservative, fundamentalist “Christian” organization. This nationwide organization promotes a literal interpretation of scripture which allows them to dump their fears and prejudices upon people who are different from them.

Ignorance is always a dangerous way to approach societal issues. Ignorance and fundamental religious dogma is even more dangerous. That’s why I must assert that Rep. Glenn serves a god who is far too small, and does so with an intellect much too stunted.