Our church believes that giving is a holistic approach to serving God. Our membership vows indicate that we are expected to give of “our worship, our talents, our service and our gifts

Let us define this further

Our Worship: Worship, by definition and intention, is the giving of our adulation and praise to God. It is not a time of entertainment, but a time of giving honor to God through the sharing of our hymns, the listening to the Word as it is preached, and the understanding that we are all an important part of the Church Universal, which is the Body of Christ on earth.


Our Talents: Scripture tells us that all persons are given a gift by God to be used in the service of God. The Apostle Paul tells us there are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them (1Cor. 12). He identifies some of these as gifts of service, healing, administration, teaching, prophecy etc. In other words, we all have something to contribute to the ministry of the Christ.


Our Service: We believe everyone has the ability to serve the Church in some fashion, and that all persons are an important part of the ministry of Christ. When we give of our time, we give of ourselves. Our service to others in the name of Christ bears witness to his redeeming love for them.


Our Gifts: Scripture is clear that we are to bring our tithes and our gifts to the place of worship. Too often this is interpreted by people as the church “wanting your money”. Financial giving to the ministry of Christ is a statement of faith, trust, and obedience. The Christ has told us that no one can serve two masters – money and God. As we are blessed by God, we show our thankfulness through faithful giving.

  • The ideal way to give financially to the church is when we are joined together in worship. The act of placing our gift with those of others upon the altar table is a powerful statement of shared faith and obedience.
  • When it is difficult to attend worship, usually due to physical restraints, financial support can be offered through the mailing of your gift to the church.
  • To make giving easy, some like the ease of automatic withdrawal. Our website provides such an opportunity.