Since the United States Supreme Court has ruled in favor of marriage rights for homosexuals, there has been a measureable amount of debate and concern within the religious community. Admittedly, it’s a difficult topic to discuss rationally, reasonably and religiously. I believe the waters need to cool a little bit before intentional discussion takes place.

This being the case, I have two things planned for the very near future.

1) On July 12, 2015, during the morning worship service, the sermon will deal with homosexuality from your pastor’s perspective, in particular with regards to marriage.

2) I will be holding an open forum seminar dealing with gay marriage, United Methodist beliefs, and what the future holds for us as persons of faith within our denomination. It will begin with an explanation of homosexuality from a biblical perspective, and the challenges to us a disciples of the Christ. There will be time for questions and sharing of opinion. A SIGN UP SHEET FOR THIS EVENT WILL BE PASSED AROUND TO GUAGE THE INTEREST OF THE CONGREGATION AND COMMUNITY. THIS OPEN FORUM WILL ONLY TAKE PLACE IF THERE IS ADEQUATE INTEREST IN THE TOPIC.

Many thanks — Rev. Gerry