There’s finally a big flap about the Confederate flag, how it needs to be taken down, even though there are those folks who continue to support keeping it around. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a country where you can wave any flag you wish to, and I support the right for people to think and do stupid and insensitive things.

The issue for me on a personal and spiritual level is a simple one — take the racist symbol of a long lost cause down from all government property. It is the biggest symbol of treason in United States history. It only waved for about as long as the Civil War lasted, about 4 years, but the ugly rhetoric it perpetrated still exists.

Some say the Civil War was about state’s rights. Sure, and one of the biggest “rights” was the right to enslave other human beings. Others say the war was about economics. Sure, but the economy of the South depended heavily upon the productivity of enslaved people. Whatever the reason anyone wants to set forth for the war, the backbone of all of them is slavery. And the legacy of that flag is hate and prejudice, issues the Bible has a few things to say about.

As a Christian, raised in a religious household, I was taught to respect other people, and cause them no harm. To be polite and sensitive to who they are and what their situation in life may be. But I was also taught to speak out against what was wrong, and to not participate in it. That flag is just flat wrong. It doesn’t stand for anything good.

And it just goes against what my mama taught me.