"Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors"

a phrase that perfectly describes the spiritual heart of our church. But let’s define this phrase more precisely . . .

Open Hearts

Our ministry begins with the sharing of Christ’s love within our congregation, and then moves outward to the local community. We reach out to those in need, providing assistance for the necessities of life they would otherwise do without. Ours is a compassionate gathering of Christ’s disciples, keeping in mind his command to care for the least of those our sisters and brothers. The heart of the Christ calls us to love others without reservation.

Open Minds

Through regular study of Scripture and the sharing of the worship experience, we are eager to experience God’s leading in our lives. We know that Christians may disagree with one another on various teachings, but we are convinced that if we agree that Christ is Lord, we can look past those differences and worship and serve the Christ together.

Open Doors

Means ALL persons are welcome to worship with us, and become a vital part of our congregation. Race, age, gender, and sexual orientation do not exclude anyone from serving Christ within our ministry together. Our doors are open to all those who wish to be a disciple of the Christ.

Sunday Worship Begins at 10:30 a.m.

We welcome you to this, the internet site of the New Hudson United Methodist Church. Even more importantly, we welcome you to join us for worship, where you will find yourself in communion with Christians who love and serve the Lord. When you visit us, you are truly one of our guests, and we will be pleased to make you comfortable and accepted.


We are a vibrant church, growing in faith together and numbering around 100 in attendance. Our mission is to grow spiritually and numerically, as Christ has commanded.


Our Style of Worship is Eclectic. Sometimes traditional, often relaxed, we believe that worship is NOT entertainment, but the act of giving our thanks and praise to God in accordance with Biblical examples.

Bible Study

Please call for dates and times

In short, we are a congregation called by Christ to share his love without boundaries. When you first visit our church, you will be amazed by our joy at having you as a guest, and our strong desire to make you feel welcomed. We love Jesus Christ, and wish to share that love with you.